Hello, I've decided to start this blog over again rather than attempt a clean up, sans my 'Sweet Nothing' series. You'll note that both my 'NSFW BLOG' and 'SMUT' section of my site have been removed from the main navigation bar. If you look around, you can still find both of those pages, but you'll have to look for them. Why? You may ask. Well, I got a few remarks over the years, seems like that sort of content makes people uneasy. Why then, keep them at all? You may then ask. Well, I still think there's some good content there; nice drawings, detail shots, process shots, news, updates, etc. But also, I have a problem with just outright throwing things away that I've worked on... there goes that sunk-cost fallacy again. So, for posterity and the preservation of a couple years of my life, the old blog and smut work remains. Albeit, buried in secondary navigation.