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Ketchup Fountains and Other Reasons to Get This Gosh Dern Site UP

I was sent a link this morning that highlighted my Ketchup Fondue Fountain.

I figured being featured on Gizmodo, and Tosh.0 blog, among others was a good motivation for me to actually make this site live... as unfinished as it were. So, if you're new to my work, Welcome. My name is Britt Spencer. I have another site that has over the years become a stagnant portfolio of my illustration work. This site will host a broader spectrum of my work... including McDonald's food pyramids with a ketchup fountain crest.

The fountain, a center piece in my thesis show "The Dagnabit!!!", was pretty popular for the two hours it was operational. I had suspected that McDonald's would be a good catering option as it matched my work much better than carrot sticks and celery. Not to mention, much of my thesis is concerned with an adulation of mass consumerism.  

I heard a number of gallery goers mention that it above my work was the most memorable thing. I'm ok with that.

ketchup fountain