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New American Paintings, go get you some

Check out the New American Paintings #99 MFA Annual out on shelves now. If you buy a copy from this link you can shave a couple dollars off the cost. I consider myself fortunate for being selected to have my work appear along so many talented MFA candidates from around the nation. It's also been great hearing from subscribers of the magazine... a couple accolades received from some great artist and peers. As of yet, I haven't had many crazies to come out of the woodwork to congratualte me, just one, in a brief but nonetheless awkward texting session. But it's still on the shelves for a bit longer... so, maybe I'll get lucky and score a few more odd exchanges.

Below are a few photos of the issue, including my bio pic, provided by presidential photog. Adam Kuehl- thanks Adam. 

New American Paintings #99 MFA Annualspread with "Straw Man" and "Plane"
spread with "Dagnabit!" and bio contentphoto of Britt Spencer courtesy of Adam Kuehl