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Welcome to my new and questionably better website... enjoy

I've decided to shake the monkey off my back that is website coding and start hosting my site using a template created by a third-party. Check back periodically and become witness to the transformation. Those of you that were familiar with my old site will notice that most of the old work has been "swept under the rug" so to speak, excluding a few little "gems" that get to stick around in my portfolio so long as they keep bringing in the eyes.

While jumping to this new platform has been really beneficial in a number of ways, it has unfortunately had one consequence that isn't so great; namely the loss of my old blog posts. So, expect some lost reruns here... or rather, they're not really reruns, in that a rerun would imply a copy of old material. They'll be more like new versions of old material, sort of like Melrose Place to Beverly Hills 90210.