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Best-Seller in Turkey (maybe)

Journey by Starlight 2012: How do you measure a year? In presidential elections? Mass apocolyptic hysteria? Gangnam Style(s)? Kony(s)?

Well, if Rent taught me anything, you're supposed to measure a year in LOVE. But that's not very scientific, is it? Is it?! 

I don't need to link to any fancy-pants Time Magazine article to tell you the obvious: you can't measure anything accurately with LOVE. You need science!

...What's that? You don't know "science"? You only dissected one half of one frog once?

Well! I can't do anything about budget cuts in your high school, but I can single-handedly educate America's youth with my new book, Journey By Starlight

Wait, Britt--what's Journey By Starlight got to do with 2012? Oh, it's just the one project I worked all 525,600 minutes of 2012 on.    

Journey is a 208 page graphic novel written by Dr. Ian Flitcroft and published in the US by One Peace Books. Basically, Einstein takes you, the reader, on a Journey By Starlight (get it?)--you start some 3,000 lightyears away on P Cygni (that's the star in Starlight) and end up all the way...Well, you'll have to read it and find out. No spoilers here!

It's the timetravelers guide to life, the universe, and everything, answering everything from why the sky is blue to QUANTUM MECHANICS in a (cross my heart) easy and fun way. 

Here are some pictures!!!ever wonder what the "E," the "M," the "C," and the little "2" mean in Einstein's famous equation? Well, let me show you!

just a little relativity, gravity, elevators, and to measure the speed of light! not as difficult as one might think....and just some other stuff too

For your convenience, you can preview the first two chapters of the book here. I've uploaded a video of me flipping through the book on a breezy Sunday afternoon, you know, all casual like.

But instead of wasting your time reading this entry and looking at videos of the book on-line... you should waste your time reading the book in reality- buy it here!

 Oh, and regarding the title of this blog--I was sent a picture of Journey from Turkey, with the caption "best-seller!"Journey By Starlight on the best-seller shelves in Turkey --Fingers crossed I'm Turkey's own Le Poopy


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...and this quote came down the pike from THE Jim Ottaviani, of G.T. Labs and ubber-famous in the realm of science comics, "I just finished reading "Journey by Starlight" and am dropping you a line (so as to avoid disappointment and future regret) to let you know I thought your illustration work was first rate. Heck, I think that's an objective truth, in fact. Congratulations on making a complex and dense narrative fun to read!"

Finally, special thanks to my talented and devoted interns Allie Jachimowicz, Emily Spencer, and Lomaho Kretzmann. Additional support provided by Ben Ward, Nara De Sa, and Eugenia Hannon. Thanks guys! Lance Sullivan did nothing to help in this project. Nothing.

Well, that's all folks! BUY BUY BUY, BYE!