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"69, Dudes!" and a 500 follower giveaway

"What are number are we thinking of?"

"69, Dudes!"


-Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

Day 69 of Sweet Nothings. It's been a fun ride so far. Let's keep going. Since my Instagram account was disabled I've slowly been building it back up over the past couple of months. Shout-out again to Tina Lugo for her bump that eventually formed the bulk of my current followers. So, now that I'm here- Day 69 and 500+ followers, let's celebrate with a Sweet Nothing ink drawing giveaway! Check out the Instagram account @sweetnothingsdaily for details.

The drawing is on Arches watercolor cold-press 140 lbs paper. Roughly about 7 x 7 inches. I'll be picking a winner with a random number generator. I'll take on the shipping cost, so long as it's in the states.