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Work for the Proles

Just added a PRINT section to the site... Luckily for you, it's work that anybody can afford. Which is great for me too, considering my work generally attracts the lowly poor types. But be quick, the secret is out on some of the images and they are selling like proverbial "hot cakes."As a consequence my edition inventories are either low or completely sold out. Check it 'em out here

In celebration of updating my portfolio (albeit a modest achievement), I've decided to do a quick blog posting that supports the glorious event, and what would be more relevant than a posting on my printing process? Nothing. So, without anymore hesitation... Here's some pictures of my printing process- 

key run on "Voyage to Amazonia"

I've been enjoying the process of silkscreening on panels as it creates numerous challenges for the medium. Above is the screen for the key run on "Voyage to Amazonia". Below are images of the process after the second and third runs.

yellow and red runs "Voyage to Amazonia"

blue layer "Voyage to Amazonia"

 "Voyage to Amazonia" was my first attempt at printing on a raised surface. Since then, I've completely lost my mind and started experimenting with cube forms... CRAZY, right???? Below is a good illumination of how stupid one of my setups can look like by the end. 

Print set up for "Changeable Charlie"


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