detail of Redhead sketch

Come on out to "The SKETCHBOOK SHOW" at Ashmore Gallery this Friday. Conceived by Justin Harris and Lomaho Kretzmann, the show is the perfect answer to a public eager to enjoy and collect art without spending more than a handful of Washingtons. Last year the show was a big hit, and this year they've amped up the artists list and are taking over three floors of the Ashmore Gallery.  

Here are the stats: 

Ashmore Gallery- 412 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Savannah, GA 31401
Opening Reception: January 18th 6pm - 9pm
Closing Reception: January 25th 8pm - 11pm

Check out my work in person... but if you really can't wait... I've posted a few of the sketches below. Also if you find yourself getting the shakes and need a bigger selection of sketchbook art to settle you, you can always checkout the "Sketches" section of my portfolio. Until next time my dear friends- 

Manchild CryingDickeyRedheadPops