Booty Worship

Booty Worship

Thinking about my boo. 
Speaking of my boo, my Bobo, my occasional MVP, my Shannon- I was fortunate enough to get married this weekend (sorry ladies). You might know a little about me, or perhaps you know a little bit about Shannon, but do you know the story of us? I figured not. So, I put together a crude/cute animation to provide a brief history of SHITT (Shannon + Britt = SHITT, it's our celebrity name). I played this at our rehearsal dinner and welcome party. There were a couple of tears. A true sweet nothing among Sweet Nothings.

and since I'm in such a cuddly mode I might as well post a sneak peek from our photographer Mackensey Alexander. I've only seen two preview pics from our ceremony and they're great. Needless to say, I'm chomping at the bits to see the rest. 

Photo credit  Mackensey Alexander

Photo credit Mackensey Alexander